Code, Space and Drum & Bass

Ben Keating • Professional Button Pusher

At it again. This sounds like classic Noisia. I think The Upbeats shine through this track by way of crisp, tight stabs and head space. 5 stars in my library.

Love the first song in this compilation. Also note that some of the fottage used comes from the Rick Prelinger archive. Cool!

That restuarant didn’t even see it coming…

Deltron 3030 - Do You Remember (Ft. Jamie Cullum)
Saw these guys live in Madison, WI earlier this week at the Majestic Theatre with some great friends. I’m a big fan now but it sort of creeps me out that I hadn’t paid attention to them earlier. I’ve heard of them, but not their history (very cool). Get their new album.

From Noisia: “‘Arrakis’ by Black Sun Empire is a classic, we remixed it with the same respect as when we remixed ‘Messiah’ and ‘Smack My Bitch Up’. Quite proud of this remix! Out November 18th.”

Gridlok and Prolix - Poisonous
Now an older tune, it’s still one of my top favorites. This is the sort of Drum & Bass I’d file under an entirely new genre; Neuro Loops. I appreciate complexity, but a tune like this, where its full throlle till the very last bar. It’s loopy neuro funk.

Xtrah - Regain Control
The kicks and drops in this are ridiculously cold. A perfect example of “drum” and “bass” music.